Benefits of XLPE Electrical Insulated Cables

Benefits of XLPE Electrical Insulated Cables

XLPE is the abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene. These electrical insulated cables are used as cable insultants for a wide range of voltages. Polyethylene has a good electrical property and in particular it is a low dielectric loss factor, its high-quality adds the advantage to the users as it can be used with high voltages than PVC. It is made up of thermoplastic material, its applications are limited by thermal constraints.

Polyethylene material is very excellent and it has a dielectric strength with high insulation resistance, and a low dissipation factor at all frequencies making it an ideal insulator.

XLPE electrical insulated cable

Application of XLPE electrical insulated cable:-

XLPE electrical insulated cables are used in installing in all nearly electrical appliances. For example, these XLPE electrical insulated cables are used in the ground, in cable ducts, indoors, in power stations, in industrial plants, in switching stations.

Some characteristics of the XLPE electrical insulated cable are listed below-

  • High ambient temperatures exict
  • Cables are uncovered to the sun
  • These cables are laid in the channels in a concrete block
  • Cables are assembled
  • High alternative loads are important
  • High short circuit currents are mandatory
  • High earth leakage currents have to be transmitted by the screens

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 electrical insulated cable

Some important Benefits of XLPE electrical insulated cables are as follows-

  • These XLPE electrical insulated cables works with a variety of voltage ranges 600V to 35kV
  • It provides mechanical protection
  • The XLPE wires can withstand extreme pressure
  • The wires are weather resistant
  • It reduces short circuit and overload levels
  • It is more cost effective than traditional solutions
  • It is flexible in nature

These Polyethylene cables whether they are above the ground or below the ground these cables are advantageous in protecting the important wires and cables from wear.

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