ELMEF Providing The Best Leading Service of Testing of Copper Conductor.

ELMEF Providing The Best Leading Service of Testing of Copper Conductor.

Annealing Testing of Copper Conductor:-

Copper Testing lab is an independent high voltage testing lab which is committed to provide the complete guidance regarding the cable wires and it also checks its availability. The test is applied on annealed copper wires, aluminum wires for welding cables and solid conductors of electric power cables. The current of these wires carries conductors of power cable and it is subjected to twist and bend during laying and installing the wires.

Testing of Copper Conductor

Annealing Copper Wire is flexible in nature and this quality of it increases its usage and it can be turned into any desired position. It is highly recommended to use copper wires in the temperature of 100 degree Celsius. The tinning process copper can produce pin holes on the copper and it is done on tinned copper wire. This test is done on the tinned copper wire and it determines the exposed copper. A tenstile, testing machine is used for Testing of Copper Conductor. It is an automatic one and has the capacity to meet the requirements of the testing and the rate of separation of jaws as detailed.

We at ELMEF are here to provide the complete testing process and deliver the complete testing solution in a technical and well-organized way. We are available for 24*7 hours at your service. You can reach to us via call +91 8586931455 or you can also mail us at info@elmef.com and enjoy our technical services.

Copper Wires

Test of Copper Conductor

Copper is one of the oldest known materials. Due to its ductility and electrical conductivity were exploited by the early experimenters with electricity.

  • It has higher electrical conductivity and it can transmit power loads easily.
  • These wires are less expensive and it is easy to install.
  • Copper is stable in nature which gives it a preference to be used in household or building only.
  • Copper has high ductile property, which allows it to form into very fine wire and more multipurpose.
  • A copper wire adds value to home because of its high durability, low maintenance, great performance and high energy.

Electrical wire with high power conductivity, toughness, flexibility and stretchable strength which makes a great wiring solution. Copper has more advantages than aluminum, which makes it more usable and it is used for household purposes.  It is commonly used for building wire than aluminum. Copper or tinned copper is given more preference as compared to aluminum and it is difficult to repair.

Testing of Copper Conductor includes following cabling field test equipment which is popularly available in the market today. The test equipment are as follows-

  • Multimeter
  • Induction amplifies /tone generator
  • Wire Map Testers
  • Cable-end locator Kit
  • Certification field testers
  • Time domain Reflectometer
  • Telephone Test Set
  • Necessary Tests

The above devices can perform the measurements which include impedance, capacitance, resistance, delay, delay skew and the pass/fail criteria in their database. Each certification field tester is configured with the aim of providing the continuity of the test and length of coax.

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